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Forged Blades

The forging process creates the strongest and sharpest blades possible. The heating process rearranges the molecules during creation of the blade, making the blade less flexible. As a result, these knives keep an edge longer.

All of Messerstahl® Cutlery is forged, thus having a bolster and a tang. The tang adds weight to the handle of the knife, creating impeccable blade balance. The bolster creates support in the center between the blade and the handle. Not to mention the bolster gives protection for the chef's fingers! Forged cutlery can be sharpened easily.

Messerstahl® blades are crafted from a mixture of French high-carbon stainless steel. This special alloy steel is famously known throughout the world for its strength and sharpness.


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Full-Tang Construction with Textra-Grip Handles

Messerstahl® blades extend the full length of the handle, a hallmark of quality construction that provides comfort in use through precise balance. Messerstahl® handles are molded to the blade resulting in a seamless and hygienic fit & finish. This design is executed by forging and grinding the tang narrow behind the guard/bolster area. This is done so that our patented Textra-Grip™ handles be slid over the tang completely to sit flush against the guard/bolster giving the knife a contemporary look while not compromising quality.

Textra-Grip™ is simply the most innovative handle treatment in today’s cutlery industry. Unlike wood or plastic handles, that get slippery when wet or greasy, this unique sandblasted finish actually improves the user’s grip when wet. Attractive, comfortable and dishwasher safe, Messerstahl’s patented Textra-Grip™ handles are a chef’s best friend under the most challenging of circumstances.



Poly-stahl Storage Blocks

The modern design of the Poly-Stahl™ knife storage block is compatible with any kitchen decor. Unlike wood, the Poly-Stahl™ storage block does not act like a breeding ground for bacteria, making it the most sanitary way to store your knives. The storage block is easily washable in warm soapy water to ensure a clean and healthy place to store your Messerstahl® knives at all times.