Six reasons why Messerstahl® Cutlery is a sharp investment:

  • ​ Forged Not Stamped: Messerstahl®  knives are hand forged for superior strength and lifetimes durability! Not stamped out of thin sheets of steel like most knives.
  • Highest Quality Steel: Messerstahl®  blades are crafted from French...

Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to a working space.

Messerstahl® cutlery has a range of products and sets to choose from...making sure you end up choosing what fits perfectly in your kitchen and cooking environment!

Choosing a new knife set can be difficult... we know. Relax! Messerstahl® ​has the experience to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Choose Messerstahl® -- We are here for a lifetime!


"I can’t believe the customer service from this company, they really stand behind their product. One of my knives broke while I was cutting a whole chicken, the company had a brand new knife in my mailbox in 4 days. I am thoroughly happy with the entire experience. If you are looking to get new knives, look no further, you will be extremely happy with these!"


John Bends

Orem, UT

"I was hesitant to purchase considering the price, so I was expecting a lot. What pushed me over the edge was the lifetime warranty. I have many knives at home, but always use my Messerstahl 8” Chef knife. It is sharp! Real sharp! I recommend these to all my friends."


Jeremy Billman

Boston, MA

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